Harri Kauhanen, definitely smiling.

Harri Kauhanen

Web Generalist, Finland

Latest projects

Visual storytelling authoring tool

Sanoma Media Finland

Refactored a legacy tool for Finland's leading newspaper, streamlining it with a modern cloud stack and a visual story editor. Enhanced publication performance and tool feature set, contributing to numerous international award-winning articles and boosting magazine subscriptions through effective paywall conversion.

Survey tool

Sanoma Media Finland

Engineered a privacy-centric survey tool adopted by Helsingin Sanomat and other Sanoma magazines, optimizing journalist efficiency and safeguarding reader privacy.

Print automation for enrichments

Sanoma Media Finland

Architected and implemented an integration from an enrichment tool to a print service, arguably pioneering the creation of fully automated, brand-aware charts in print magazines.

Enrichments recommendations tool

Sanoma Media Finland

Developed a recommendation tool for journalists, enhancing article engagement through suggested enrichments.

News automation

Sanoma Media Finland

Lead developer and UX designer for a data-driven news automation tool. Notably enhanced Helsingin Sanomat's reporting agility, exemplified by becoming Finland's fastest agency for COVID-19 updates during the pandemic, among other uses.

Business analytics tool


Founding member of Screenful, where I shaped initial architecture and dashboard UI. Rejoined later to expand product features.

Team sports scheduling software


Contributed to feature development for Finland's most popular team sports scheduling software.

Various other roles and projects

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Sport matchmaking, phone manufacturing process, Facebook apps, navigation software, search engine results enhancher, human resource managements, photo sharing, and more.


Helsinki University of Technology

MSc, Interactive Digital Media, Telecommunication Software (2001)


I worked with these clients through both my personal venture and my previous employer, Futurice Oy.


I have been serving clients through my personal venture, Humaneq Oy, since 2010. I continue to hold shares in Screenful Oy, founded in 2013, and occasionally lend a hand to the business.



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